Import without footprints moving (Adafruit FeatherWing)


I have had to copy and paste the symbol schematic and PCB footprint from one project into another.

This is the project I’m copying the Symbol and Footprint from: Blank Feather/FeatherWing PCB project for KiCAD 6 - Blog - RoadTests & Reviews - element14 Community

I set the 2 pin header designators in the SCH and the PCB to new values that match each other (changed from J1 and J2 to: JFL & JFS respectively)

My question is:
In the PCB editor how can I re-import my updated SCH without the pin header footprints moving? (as obvs they are placed very specifically)

I’ve tried locking the footprints but it didn’t help.

Or is there a better way?


Although… I’ve just found the Adafruit_Feather_Generic symbol in the default KiCad library, nice, thank you!

I guess it might be helpful to have an answer to my original question, just for future reference, if possible.



Short Answer
Drag a box around the whole thing, then Right click and Grouping / Group

Long Answer
The project yo linked to is a bid of a ~!^#. It is probably a cleaned out project from the Feather thing itself, while if you want to use it in another project, you want a footprint for it, and not a PCB. In a footprint, al parts are always kept at the same distances relative to each other. Another problem is that there are lines on Edge.Cuts. and if you place that thing on a PCB, then your manufacturer will make a hole in the PCB with the size of the Feather thing. That is probably not what you want.

Third Answer
They are placed very specifically, but these things tend to be breadboard compatible, which means all pins are spaced on a 2.54mm Grid. That means it is very easy to manually create a footprint from scratch. Just set the grid in the footprint editor to 2.54mm, and draw two arrays of pins (Or start with an existing footprint of a 16 pin header, then copy the data for the 12 pin header.

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Thanks for your detailed response. Yeah, I’ve dropped that project.

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