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Hello everybody.

I’m new here and have an important thing to clarify. Do my master thesis at the moment and my proffesor asks me to import the spice netlist into kicad. Could anyone help me, please. Need help.

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When you say netlist is the full net list circuit, just some sub circuit, …?
I think if is already the full circuit, it is easer to direct simulate by ngspice.

i will import my full circute from ltspice to kicad. i doesnt need a simulation. i will transport my schematic from ltspice to kicad.

A netlist does not have enough information to make a graphical representation of a circuit. (It only contains connectivity information. No information about how symbols look like, where they are placed, how the wires connecting them are drawn, …)

The only thing that you could do is make a pcb directly from a netlist. But that would require the source tool to add footprint information.

Maybe a better option would be to search for an import tool that reads the schematic of your simulation tool.

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If was just some subcircuit, I don’t know if KiCad already have this feature, would be nice to import and use like “just a rectangle box” in the schematic.
But if you want all the graphical representation, it is quite complicated since net list have not information about symbol and position at the sheet.

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