Import old version schematic

I am facing a strange issue with CVPCB version 4.04 with an old version schematic done with
version BZR 4022:

After successfully assinging footprints to components I found
footprint names displayed of the Eeschema

Any clue ?


Yes. Create netlist. Update your PCB against this new netlist replacing to new footprints - Very important!. Edit any footprint on PCB to open Footprint Properties dialog. Hit Change Footprint(s) button to open new dialog window. Hit Export Footprint Association File and close - do not apply any changes. Close Pcbnew and back to the schematic. Go to Edit -> Import Footprint Selection and select previously created .cmp file. In the next dialog window select Hide all footprint fields.

Alternative method - more dangerous. Open .sch file with text editor. Search for all occurrences of lines begins with F 2 in $Comp sections. For example:
F 2 "footprint name" H 12100 3400 60 0000 C CNN
Replace 0000 to 0001.

BTW: The Devs should really think about massive command to easy edit fields visibility or visual apperance.

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I used your dangerous method and it worked very well

Thanls a lot for your help