Import Non KiCad Schematic

I had/have a simple application that converted a Fritzing exported XML net and allowed it to be used by KiCad see
but changes to KiCad meant that this no longer works.

As a result and now that KiCad supports importing Eagle Schematics I am trying to investigate if it is possible to move a Fritzing schematic to KiCad.

I am at a VERY early stage and effort so far is at

In directory ParseFzSchematic I have two sch files test2.sch and test3.sch
If I try and use the KiCad EEScheme Import Non KiCad Schematic for a second time it barfs empty.kicad_wks already exists.

Also if I select test2.sch EEScheme title reports file as test3.sch

Like I said I am at a VERY early stage so not expecting the import to work but is
the already exists a bug or something I am doing wrong.

Same question applies to title. Is it really trying to load test3 when I have selected test2 etc

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Short answer: Yes, possible.

Longer answer: You may wish to examine the C++ Eagle parser in the source repository. The round-a-bound method of converting Fritzing to Eagle and then to KiCad sounds like more work. If want to pursue it this way, Iā€™d recommend grabbing an Eagle dtd file and running the xml check on your output file. That might point you to the issue.

Yes but you have not answered my questions.

  1. Is the empty.kicad.wks already exists a bug. (Could be because previous attempt was unsuccessful I suppose, but to me that is still a bug)
  2. Why when I try and open test2.sch does EEScheme report the file as test3.sch

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