Import EAGLE Design Rules?

I don’t have an EAGLE project but the board house I am using provide an EAGLE .dru file with the design rules. Anyways to import that by chance?

At this time I believe KiCAD lacks the ability to read anybody’s “design rule file”.

Within KiCAD, the basic design rules are minimal - the effort to manually enter them isn’t much more than the effort to locate a separate “design rule file” and tell KiCAD to read it. Granted, if you have a bunch of net classes with unique design rules, the effort increases . . . but I don’t believe KiCAD recognizes the concept of “net classes” when importing from Eagle (or anybody else’s format).


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Thanks Dale for the response. I agree the setup in Kicad is simple but I figured if I could import an approved setup from the board house why not. Their website is somewhat cryptic.

Time to switch manufacturer then. (Or you know write a mail and ask for their specification sheets.)

I always find it baffling why people simply accept that business partners do not publish proper specifications. How could you hold them accountable if you do not know their specifications?

In some organizations, this is a conscious and deliberate part of their business plan.


To be fair there is most likely some ignorance on my side as I am new to the layout process ( last board I made was 10+ years ago and I stumbled through that one too haha). If the verbiage used on the board house website directly matched KiCAD it would be a no brainer but when they differ I get cautious.

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