Import AMP Modu MOD II

Hello to All!
I’m new in Kicad and trying to import some AMP (now TE) mod-File. Unfortunately it get the message that the file is invalid when the import it.
Someone any hints? I got the file from here:



It’s a legacy footprint library.
Copy that file into the folder where all the .pretty folders are - if you don’t have that, create one in a path you have access to (I suggest your user folder).
Open PCBnew > Preferences > Library Wizard
Leave it at ‘Files on my computer’, click [Next]
Steer to the mod file and select it, then click [Next]
Should auto select ‘Legacy’ format, just click [Next]
Decide if you want it just for this project or all, click [Next]

This is what I did before… tried it again and still did not work (Kicad still told “invalid”).
I copied the raw text to a file an renamed it to conn_modu.mod. Then I could import the file.
Looks like the is a problem when downloading the file directly.
Anyway thanks for your answer!

If you want to download it from github you either have to take the whole repo:

and click there on the green [Clone or Download] button.
Then open the zip file and extract the stuff you want.

Or, navigate to the file you’re interested in and click on the grey [Raw] button, which gives you this:

Then just save that.

PS: occasionally I run into that trap as well and just get me some html file that doesn’t contain what I want :flushed: