Import Altium to KiCad


I need help converting an Altium project to KiCad, please.

I’m using Mac OS X High Sierra & KiCad v5.0.0.

I downloaded the altium2kicad plugin. The directions say to go to the directory where the Altium pub & schematic files are located & run I’m guessing this means open a Terminal window, drill down to where the Altium files are located & run, correct?

When I try this, I get an error in the terminal window saying “ command not found”. I tried it using “sudo” also, but got the same result.

In the terminal window, I changed to the altium2kicad directory, then typed …<path_to_Altium_files> but this didn’t work either.

Am I missing something?

Is there a good tutorial on how to import Altium to KiCad somewhere? I searched the web but don’t see anything…


Any Altium decoder is going to depend on the Altium version. Usually newer versions break something


I’m not sure about Mac OS X but in Linux to run a command that is in the directory you are in you would need to type: ./

I’m interested to hear how well the import works. I use Altium for customer boards and KiCAD for my companies projects.


Awesome! I guess my Linux command line interface is rusty. That ./ worked! The terminal window showed “Done.”

I’m not sure where it put the converted files, though. I was in the altium2kicad folder when I ran the command. The readme file says it will unpack the pcb & schematic files into subdirectories. I don’t see any new folders or files anywhere… not in the original folder or the KiCad folder or the altium2kicad folder.


Did you try Save as PCAD ASCII from inside Altium ?
KiCad seems to import PCAD ASCII PCB design files remarkably well. On the ones I’ve tried, just the fill priority of nested fills needed manual fix.