Import 5.x sheet into existing 6.x project?

I want to import a hierarchical sheet form another project… is there any reason why kicad can’t open individual 5.x sheets and automatically upgrade them?

This should simply work. If it does not work, then it’s a bug.

I just tested opening a KiCad V5 schematic directly from the file browser in KiCad V6 and this works for me. This way it opens a schematic in “standalone mode”, and from there you can save the schematic in KiCad V6 format.

Ok I will do that, it would be nice if I could copy a sch into a v6 project and just directly open it though.

In a 2nd experiment I tried to create a hierarchical sheet and browse to a KiCad V5 schematic sheet to add it, but that does not work because it only shows files with kicad_sch extension. This is probably where you got stuck.

I’m not sure if this inability to directly add a V5 schematic to a V6 project is by design, or a bug.
It’s quite possible it’s by design.

This has a quite big problem:

KiCad V5 schematic files depend on the [project]-cache.lib and/or availability of the original libraries with which the project was created, and these links get damaged if you take a KiCad V5 schematic file out of it’s project. A better way is to first open the original project in KiCad V6 and then save it in the native KiCad V6 format.

In my case the part library is already upgraded to v6 as it is shared across several of my designs… so I just had to remap one part.

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