I'm getting a completely blank pcb page

I recently upgraded to Kicad 6, and have created a schematic. It is annotated, passed the ERC, and have all the footprint assignments completed. Oddly, when I open the PCB editor, it is a completely empty sheet (no components).

Moreover, the “Update from Schematic… (F8)” menu item is disabled.

Any suggestions? I tried setting the rendering engine to “Fallback graphics”, but this made no difference.

Did you open the schematic editor / PCB editor on their own or are you using the KiCad project manager ? ( AKA “KiCad” )

If you are not using the project manager, there is no link between your schematic and your PCB. In that case, it is normal that this option is disable

This is the project manager I am referring to:

You should open the project in KiCad, then open the schematic and board from there. Have you done that or have you opened the schematic directly? If so, it’s opened in “stand alone mode”.


Both of you are correct! I must have opened the schematic from windows file Explorer. Opening from the project manager has solved the issue.

Thanks to both of you for such a rapid response. As you have guessed I’m still finding my way around Kicad, and I appreciate you taking the time to answer a newbie.


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Opening a schematic or PCB directly from your OS, instead of via KiCad’s project managere is called “standalone mode”. In this mode some extra functions are available that are not in the normal project flow, such as opening a schematic (or PCB) from the file menu.

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