I'm About to Break a Symbol Connector into 2 pieces...Input/Output - Any Advice?

Been here a while, never needed to break a symbol up into more than one pieces.

Anything you overlooked on your own first go?

Which symbol will be broken up?

Not sure if there is correct procedure, but I have copied symbol twice into personal library; called one “xxxx-in” and the other “xxxx-out”, then deleted the appropriate pins from each.

This will result in two Jx when you Annotate. It will also result in 2 footprints. You’ll have to make 2 custom footprints depending on what you did to the pin numbers.

Think about whether this was a good idea.


I should have listed the whole procedure, not just stopped at the schematic… my bad.

I once did this some time ago with a processor, not connector (but similar reason). It was a bit messy and took time, but worked.

After updating the PCB, I then placed the two footprints on top of each other.

It shouldn’t, it will make a J?A and a J?B ( carrying on for as many parts needed) that then reference one footprint.
The abstract representation is being split

It depends on how the splitting done. The way I read @jmk’s response is he made two completely separate symbols. You (by suggesting J?A and J?B) are talking about splitting the single unit symbol into multiple units. I’d probably take this approach as well unless I had a good reason for needing multiple footprints. I guess we bounce this back to the OP with a request for clarification.

Hey, @Sprig, are you asking about potential gotchas with splitting a symbol into two completely separate symbols, or splitting a single unit symbol into a multiple unit symbol?

There has been enough discussion on the fourm on this topic that I figure I will run into some inconvenience. I’ve just been so busy with other things that I have not done it yet.

It may happen during lunch break today, so any advance guidance would be appreciated.

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Inputs on one schematic page, outputs on another and placed the two footprints on top of each other for the PCB.

This can also be done using two units of the same symbol, only needing one footprint on the PCB. Not that your solution was wrong, just different from how I would have done it. :wink:

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