IEEE symbols and power connections?

I have used KiCAD for some time, but mainly for simple matters.
Now, however, I am venturing into something a little more advanced :cold_sweat:

And, as I am used to from my professional side, I use IEEE symbols.

But where do I find the power connections?

In the about 20 year old system at work, they came as separate symbols, usually to be placed on a separate page.

Here, however, I do not seem to be able to:
A: Find useful symbols for power connections to the chips.
B: Add an additional page to the schematic.

I am using version 5.0.1.

Have both these problems been solved in a later version?

Do you mean just the normal power symbols? They are in a library called “power”.

Use hierarchical sheets.

No, I am referring to power connections into the various chips. Usually pins 7/14, 8/16, 10/20 and so on.
These pins do NOT seem to exist at all on the IEEE symbols.

Maybe chips do not need power in an IEEE environment? :innocent:

When I click on Create Hierarchical Sheet, nothing seems to happen!?

If you open up the symbol properties, usually you will find an additional unit for power connections. E.g. a SN7400 will have a unit E, in addition to the quad 2-input NAND gates.

Some older symbols have hidden power pins which can be revealed. This practice is frowned upon.

Yes, something similar to that ‘Unit E’ is what I was looking for, but it (74132 in my case) only goes to D.
74165 and 74LS595 both likewise only have the main part. No power in the IEEE symbols.

The IEEE symbols have not been converted to the new style. Are you the volunteer that finally does it? As a hint the modernized libs got scripted

Or you can convert single symbols for your personal use IC footprint VCC+GND (post written way back when v4 was all we had. The general idea works also in v5)

The non-IEEE 74LS132 has unit E. You could use that and change the text to 74132. Unless you like those rectangles.

OK, that Hidden Pins does show them! It also explains why there is so much empty space above the symbols before getting to the various text parts. I must admit, I had some suspicions, but…

As for the additional pages, I have so far soled it by going to a larger paper size.

And of course using the IEEE symbols is supposed to get the reader a better idea about the functions of the chips without having to look them up.

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