Identifying legacy Molex connector and footprint?

I’m creating an “adapter” board for the power supply a 30 year old music synthesizer. The original power supply used connectors that were known as “0.062 Molex” connectors. These may be known as “Molex type 1625” but I’m not sure. The 6 pin variety was in a 2x3 rectangle with one corner cut:


Can anyone point me towards a positive ID, sources, and footprints?

Pin size and spacing are the key points. Molex used both 0.062 and 0.095 inch diameter pins. Common spacing was 0.1" and maybe 0.125 if I recall correctly.

Measure the pin and the spacing.

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Here are the specs.
For the PCB mounted 6 male-pin connector shown in the photo above:

Housing outer dimensions: 19x15mm (0.75 x 0.59")
Housing inner dimensions: 17x12mm (0.67 x 0.472")
Pin spacing 5mm (.197")

Edit - I measured the pin diameter wrong — corrected:
Pin Diameter 2.3mm (0.09")

Is that within tolerance for what Molex calls " Standard .093" Pin and Socket Connectors"

As I look through the Kicad library for Molex, I don’t find any existing connectors with 5mm pin spacing, so I’m still not sure I’m on the right track.


Spent 12yrs as a connector design engr and manager for AMP (now Tyco) and JAE and have Patents on connectors (for Medical products) so, connector talk interests me… And, I often worked with Molex, Lemo, Takata… I love connectors!

Those red guys in the photo could be most any brand, we made many that look just like them - but, not the same…
I looked through my boxes of connectors but did not see 6 pin guys with similar latching.

Connectors are all about the Normal-Force between the contact surfaces, and a host of things will affect that good, consistent continuity.

If it were me, I’d consider making Pigtails with contacts on wire or replacing them.

A cheap, but useful approach is to put contact on wire and goop them-up with Hot-Glue - not a pro solution but, we often did it for quick testing (top one in photo…) Don’t melt the wire insulation!