Idea: 3d Viewer preferences saved in project files

When I change preferences in the 3D Viewer, like soldermask color, the preference sticks when I switch to a different project. I have boards for various projects that are different colors of soldermask. As part of the files I package for my PCA I like to include a rendering of the PCA. I don’t know how difficult it would be, but I would like to see the preferences for the 3D Viewer to be saved in the project or maybe the PCB file.

In v5.99 (the unstable development version, nightly builds) it’s possible to define physical stackup, including silk and mask colors, and the 3D view can use them.

There are lots of settings which are (still) done globally, but which should be project specific. For example the grid size is also a global setting, even in KiCad-nightly V5.99.

I open lots of different projects because of the forum questions I answer, and because of my inherent chaotic-ness so I’m also constantly switching between my own projects. People who do one project at a time may not even notice this.

I’ve always sort of assumed this is known by the KiCad developers, but it has a very low priority.
Maybe it is time to compile a list of settings which should be in the project file instead of global.
I also have not checked if there may already be an issue for this on gitlab.

On a sidenote:
I just opened a project file of KiCad-nightly V5.99 and was suprised to see lots of curly braces, instead of the parentheses of S-expressions. I wonder if this is an oversight, or if it was not important enough to justify the changes in the file format to use parenthesis.

Grids will get an overhaul, probably in 7.0. Some of the related stuff is here: but some of it still needs to be put into a spec doc.

Not an oversight. The project file format is JSON, not s-expressions (intentionally).

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