"Id:" field on schematic sheet, lower right corner

[KiCad 6.0.1-0] Can someone explain the “Id:” field on the schematic in the lower right corner, title block area?

I have a hierarchical schematic with a root page and 4 sub pages.

Upon opening KiCad, my project, and my schematic, the root page shows “Id: 1/1” in this field. If I open the Page Settings dialog, make no changes, and then close it my clicking OK, this field changes to “Id: 1/5”. (If I open the Page Settings dialog and close it by clicking Cancel, this field remains at “Id: 1/1”.) After saving my schematic with this field showing “Id: 1/5” on the root page, upon closing out of KiCad and then reopening, this field reverts to “Id: 1/1” on the root page.

The remaining four pages always all show the same “Id: 5/5”, with no changes on opening and OK’ing the Page Setting dialog.

I have never seen “Id: 2/5”, “Id: 3/5”, or “Id: 4/5”, as I might expect, anywhere.

I don’t see any way to directly control this Id field from the Page Settings dialog.

Do these Id numbers do anything in KiCad? Are they related at all to the netlist? I have my board laid out and all the checks I can find to perform seem ok.

Very early on, I started my board without using the hierarchical features. I then decided to change to hierarchical when it became clear my project was too big for one page. I did some early copy and paste among sheets without using the “paste special” features, which I have just run across in trying to research this problem. It seems to have all worked out with my board, but as such, I’m probably not on a typical workflow, so I may be tripping into some corner here.

I’d like to get my schematic to where the Id: field makes sense. I also want to make sure that this is not a hint to some deeper problems in my project.

I’m new to KiCad, just starting with the release of version 6. I must say I’m very impressed! This is an amazing tool. Thanks to all for creating this!

In my project with 1 main sheet and 7 children sheets, the ids run from 1/8 to 8/8 as you would expect. Did you try navigating to the children sheets?

Thanks for your reply. This helped me to see what may be pretty obvious, that this Id is basically a page number.

Having a fresh look, I found, under the Edit menu, Edit Sheet Page Number…

This is exactly what I needed and so the solution was very simple.

The only thing which remain very slightly bug like is that, when I first open my schematic, the root page shows as “Id: 1/1”. Any navigating around the project, or executing File > Plot… causes this to update to the correct “Id: 1/5”.

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