I want smooth tracks

I have too many tracks which have extra corners, kinks and what ever. Is there a way to get smooth tracks. There is very little tools for optimizing tracks anyway.

What happens it you do: PCB Editor / Tools / Cleanup Tracks and Via’s?

In older Kicad versions I tended to almost constantly do little bits of cleanup because when I let the crud accumulate the interactive router has progressively more difficulties to do it’s thing, and this cleanup has become a habit.

I’m guessing you do not really mean this, but I mention it anyway:

It may help if you show us a screenshot

That link was interesting, thank you. An important option is also a way to minimize track length between two points. That removes extra corners and such…

And to answer your question, I have learnt to “cleanup tracks and vias” often. It does not remove ugly tracks.

Those rounded corners are mostly for aesthetic reasons, as mitxela also mentiones in his video (and on his website). I’ve played around with it a bit myself, but it makes the board much harder to edit afterwards, and that is a much more important factor for me. It is a nice step forward though. Getting rid of the 45 degree default angles has some real advantages.

So what does it look like? Show us a screenshot.

Screenshots should be coming, I got an email remainder about this, and I answered to that. But I understood that that post should show here?

One thing missing from KiCad is “delete corner” regarding routes.

I’ll post new screenshots in the evening, some evening at least. It is strange, I got an email notification which said that I could answer that email to reply, but I see no reply here.
This was in the notification.
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I think this is the feature request you want?

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