I want a slotted TPH for a terminal

Newbie to KiCad, so this might be a daft question!

I want to solder a ring tag type terminal into my PCB, standing upright from the board, so I want a through plated slot approx 7mm long and 1mm wide. Is there already a footprint for this somewhere?

If not how easy is it to create and will the PCB supplier be able to process it?

I’m not familiar with anything in the built-in footprints. But it is remarkably easy to create. I would expect that most PCB shops nowadays will support these, but it doesn’t hurt to ask and get confirmation from them.

If you haven’t already done so, you may want to start by looking up some tutorials on creating a footprint (I seem to recall that Rene_Posch has created several tutorials, including on this topic); you will only need to get through the basic steps (the tutorial will cover a lot more than you need for this; still, doesn’t hurt to acquire the knowledge, for when you need it later)

In any case, you simply add a through-hole pad in the footprint editor, assign it a pin number, and set the shape to Oval; do the same for the hole:

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So easy!

OK, so I can’t add it to the exisiting connector library as it’s read only? Is it better to put it into a new library?

Yes, always better to make a new library (you can copy an existing one if you want).

The builtin libraries are read only for a reason – when you update kicad, the libraries get updated too, and any modifications you’ve made to the builtin libraries will also be erased.

Perhaps you want a 6.35mm crimp terminal connection? These exist with 2 x pins for through hole soldering.

I think I’ve added a new library and saved the slotted terminal pad correctly. It appears fine in the PCB layout anyway! Thanks for that.

The slot is for attaching a 4mm banana socket to the pcb without using wires. The socket has a ring tag on it.

I could just have a pad but I’d have to bend the ring tag. A slot, if it’s going to be ok for the PCB house to make, gives better mechanical support.

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