I need to create SMD pad with NPTH hole inside - possible?

I need to create a pad that is essentially a round SMD pad with a NPTH hole in the center for a Würth mechanical component, see also data sheet https://www.we-online.com/components/products/datasheet/74660016.pdf
Is this possible with KiCAD? I currently defined it as a round SMD pad and a NPTH hole on the same location but I’m not entirely happy with this…

I think this is the best way to do it in KiCad rn. the only other option I could think of is defining a Through-hole pad with rectangular pad shape matching the desired SMD pads dimensions and layers, however this will create this pad on top and bottom on the same time, which is probably not really useful.

PS: be aware that holes in pasted pads have the tendency to pull the solder paste into the hole and therefore could break the connection between pad and pin.

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We use soldered standoffs like this but we don’t treat them as SMT devices but more like through hole. I would be concerned about the pad being pulled of the substrate . . . so we have plated hole and smaller dia pad on the opposite side for enhanced mechanical strength.

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Mechanical strength will not really be the issue here… I’m using it as a nut to mount a device that is placed on the opposite side of the PCB, not as a cable connection point.

I’ll probably use a PTH pad instead…

Hi @Marc_Vandenhende

There is a whole Footprint library titled “Mountinghole_Wuerth”. They are various size top layer circular pads with central holes.
Will any of these be of use?

What about NPTH hole placed at zone fill.
I defined no net zone 10x10mm with Corner smoothing: Fillet (radius 5mm) and placed NPTH in its center. I have also placed filled circle at F.Mask.
The result:

I didn’t realise there was such a library. The type that I need is not present. I might try creating it myself but the way it is defined is rather complex…

This seems like the easiest way to achieve what I need :slightly_smiling_face:

What dimensions do you require?

I was looking to use the M4 and M6 types of Würth WP-SMRT…

This shows a complete pad on the left and an exploded pad on the right.
In the Symbol editor, I started with a 6.4mm (3,2mm radius) mounting hole.
I created a circle of radius 4.2mm. on the front copper then edited the width to 2mm, giving me an outside diameter of 10.4mm.
I placed a small SMD pad in the copper circle and Edited the pad as a graphic shape to give the copper ring a pad number.
Finally, placed a front courtyard on the symbol

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Using the posted reference document, I created a 3D-Step and Footprint for the 6mm unit.
User can Scale it to get a 4mm.

PEM_M6_12x5mm.step (222.8 KB)
PEM_M6x12.kicad_mod (893 Bytes)

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