I need help with "Sight"


i’m doing some reverse engineering on an electronic card and there is some “sight” :

My hypotheses :
Sight 1 and 2 and an other one which is not on the picture are use for the industrialisation and they got same dimension.
Sight 3 is use for component which need a big precision but the dimension are not the same than 1 and 2…

Does someone know how it work ? and if it’s that on Kicad : image

Thank you for the time spent helping me :slight_smile:

They are called fiduciais markers and are used to align the pick and place machines.
I dont know if this symbol is included on KiCad library but you can create it easily or find it on other libraries.

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You are right, this are fiducials.

There is a symbol for it under mechanical and there are a number of different footprints.
Although the footprints are generated and conform to the standard, please communicate beforehand with your manufacturer about placement, number and dimensions, as there are some rules to follow.

As the others have stated, these marks are call “fiducials”. In KiCad PCBNew they are available in a standard library. During the manufacturing process, the machine which places the components uses a camera to look for the fiducials as alignment marks. You will need to provide the exact location of the marks to the assembly company.
On your board, they can be located anywhere convenient, but the should be placed as far apart as possible, such as upper-right and lower-left.

Thank you guys for all your answers, i will contact the assembly company :slight_smile:

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