I need help with libraries

Also a newbie, I spent 5 days just trying to find the symbol files, and another linking each one individually to the proper location to get them to work in Eschema. I’m trying not to do the same thing with the PCB. How do I set the paths to the footprint libraries. I have already started a folder labeled Footprints Library and moved the kicad-footprints-master into it. KiCad seems to like things so far, but when I try to explore the files nothing happens.
I am using KiCad 5.1.9. Please help, I don’t want to have to uninstall and reinstall for the 3rd time.

It took me a while to realize you have tagged along on a 5 year old thread. Please do not do that. Start a new topic instead.

With a normal install, KiCad should install the libraries with it, and they should “just work”. Although with some installation procedures the libraries are not installed together with KiCad and have to be installed separately.

Re-installing for the 3rd time and then (again) making the same mistakes all over again won’t help.
So what is your OS and how did you install KiCad?

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