I have problem routing differential pair

Hi, I am MURALI SELVAM, I new for Kicad Design Tool, I have facing some problem in Ki-cad, I try to route differential pair, It shows error even the net name last char put +/- and N/P error. and some pad I can’t do route, I don’t know what to do so kindly help me

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I moved your thread to the “layout” section, because it has to do with routing.

You did not mention what the error messages are. I am guessing that the clearance is just slightly to big (the thin line around the pad), but the resolution of the screenshot is too small to be sure.


You can define track widths and clearances with the Net Classes in: PCB Editor / File / Board Setup / Design Rules / Net Classes You also have to define how the nets fit into the net classes. It will take a bit of studying to get this right.

Kindly refer the the image which shows the error name and 24 footprint different from other footprints due to this error I could not route even the footprint has been changed that pad different is coming kindly provide any solution. Thank you

Most likely cause is some error or wrong setting / assumption for the FDCAN1_RX_+ net and it’s net class. Does FD_CAN1_RX_- also exist? If it does not, then it probably does not use the net class settings for the differential pair.

You can also select pad 25 and the pad next to it (hold the shift key), and then PCB Editor / Inspect / Clearance Resolution.

My all routing become like that, How do I get normal mode.

What’s the ‘normal mode’ for you? Maybe the way you are displaying the tracks?
If so, uncheck Sketch Tracks (View->Drwing Mode->Stetch Tracks)

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Like what?
I could guess, like gschelotto did, but it’s much better if you explain what your problem is.

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