I have a new idea about simulating the circuit, can it be implemented in the future V7?

Hi guys,

I have a new idea about simulating the circuit, can it be implemented in the future V7?

When verifying a new design, I need to insert some parasitic components, such as resistors, capacitors, inductances, etc., into the schematic diagram of the circuit to simulate and see their impact on the real circuit. But it is not hoped that these parasitic components will be treated as real components into the layout when the PCB is made, because they do not need to appear on the PCB.

The usual practice is to delete them when the schematic is converted to PCB Layout, but I hope to keep them:

  1. Because they can help me think about further verification and improvement of the design when completing the PCB processing, deleting them will cause me to lose some of my ideas.

  2. If I re-improve the design, I still need the previous virtual components for verification. Adding them again, and then deleting them when layout again, is equivalent to doing extra work.

When parasitic resistance and inductance are converted into PCB, the electrical network at both ends can be directly short-circuited to ignore them. The parasitic capacitance can be discarded directly.

So, is this new idea reasonable? Can it be implemented on V7?

You’re in luck, it’s already implemented. Just prefix component reference with # and it will not be transferred to pcb.

This method also resulted in the loss of the parasitic components used in my simulation and the loss of the electrical network connected to it, so it is incompatible with my idea. My idea is to keep them when generating the simulated netlist, remove them during layout, and auto-complete them through kicad.

Ah I see. In that case it’s better to request feature on gitlab rather than ask here. You are not guaranteed to get any response from kicad dev here (even though at least some of them are seen regularly). On gitlab it will be triaged and won’t get lost.


Thank you for your reply, let me learn how to apply for new features for kicad. :wink:

Log into/create account on gitlab.com and file an issue here https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/issues

Thank you for your guidance, I have created issue #8775.

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