I get ERC error "pin not driven" what should I do?

Hi, so i am recently working on my pcb. I made the circuit using Ltspice and trying to make one on kicad so it works out. I think I drew the right circuit on Kicad but when i run the “Electrical rules checker” , “Pin connected to other pins, but not driven by any pin.” this message pops out. (pin 1 (power input) of component #PWR03 is not dirven (Net1).

I uploaded the photo of the circuit so if there are any advice, it would be great!







I hope this helps

p.s. Your GND and +5V are shortcircuit and the gate of your transistor is always grounded.

May be LEDs are used as opto receivers :slight_smile:

General tips:

  • A headline should be representative of what you want. “I need help” is useless as you would not make a post if you would not need help.
  • Clean up the schematic. (Why is the 5V power symbol rotated to have the wire through its middle? Why are the GNDs placed such that there is a crossing necessary? …)

Also your circuit looks like it coud never function. You have a short between GND and +5V.

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