I created a new symbol, symbol's rastnest does not show on PCB, why?

I designed symbols for the first time, I don’t know much about types. The connections I draw do not appear on the PCB, what could be the reason?

Note the other components have red pin numbers. I haven’t made a part in quite awhile so I’m not sure if you have them set not to display or if they are missing. (Does the editor let you NOT have pin numbers?)

thanks hermit, but I don’t understand can u more explain?

Editing each pin while designing symbol you set its name and number. We suppose that you didn’t gave numbers to pins of your symbol. KiCad assigns footprint pin numbers accoreding to pin numbers in symbol.

The program matches pin numbers from the symbol to the footprint. The only reason I can think of for no rats nest is that there is no match being made. Both footprint and symbol need them.

There does seem to be something wrong with the footprint for the ESP_01m.

In KiCad the schematic symbols and the Footprints for the PCB are coupled quite loosely with each other. KiCad uses the pin numbers to match the pins of schematic symbols with the pin (pad) numbers of the footprints.

Note that even your LED symbol (1, 2, 3, 4) and the connector (1, 2) have pin numbers:

Both the schematic symbol and the footprint mus have pin numbers, and the numbers must match.
Even the resistors have pin numbers, but they are hidden.

Thanks @hermit, @Piotr. My problem was solved, I just entered the pin name in the symbol and instead of typing the pin number in the footprint, I wrote the name.

Now, you want to talk schematic clarity? :wink: On such a simple design you might as well go ahead and just connect things. You can move the symbol pins anywhere you want them so they ‘route pretty’.

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