I can't save my schematics on MAC

How do I fix this

Directory “/private/var/folders/w0/y9fqmwtj2gj45csg_v26_v9w0000gp/T/AppTranslocation/C5312D90-5A2E-4035-846A-45C7D1F2C3B4/d/kicad.app/Contents/Applications” is not writable.

I’m using a Mac if that helps

Are you running KiCad from the DMG?

No I’m running kicad from applications

Try running Eeschema stand-alone application first, quit and then run from KiCad.app

I tried that. I think it has something to do with where I’m storing the device download. How do I go about configuring a path/ managing libraries?

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I think we should focus on one issue at a time (or at least in one forum thread).
This will make it much easier to manage the information flow and will most likely be of more use for both you and future readers.

As we don’t really know much about your setup maybe a bit more information might be helpful.

For example what is the exact version of your operating system? The kicad version? How did you install kicad (if you still remember the steps you did, the more detailed the better chance somebody knowledgable could spot something)? Did you get it from the official kicad download page or from somewhere else (for the later maybe link to your source)?

macOS has always been supported as a first class citizen by KiCad - perhaps less so by other EDA software so whatever the perceived numerator, its difficult to be sure about the denominator.

@Lauren_Woods Judging by your other post, you seem to have installed the ‘device’ library on its own in /Applications whereas the expected default location of all the libraries on macOS is in /Library/Application Support/. You probably ought to try the expected locations first. Personally, I would start again and get the default libraries set up and then worry about the dk_ libraries when you have the standard ones working. There are good reasons for the expected locations (permissions, write protection etc). macOS hides some of this from you but can make it difficult to understand when things don’t work as expected.

There is some helpful guidance on library organisation here

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