I can't open kicad board

I can’t open the Kicad board. My kicad version is 5.19.

Where’s that project from, is it yours? It’s possible that it has been created with nightly builds in the last summer. If that’s the case you have to use the current nightly builds (v5.99) to open it.

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that message could use some work. quite reasonable to assume 5.1.9 released on 12-28-20 would open such a file.

yes this project including on my destop

I don’t know. "2020-12-23T13:17:38.072Z " I downloaded this version.

Sorry, I don’t understand.

Is the project confidential or could you share it with us?

Have you ever run nightly versions?

The file is on onedrive. Does anyone else have access to the file and maybe worked on it with version 5.99?

What is the nightly versions? I don’t see 5.99 version

My team captain didn’t allow me sorry :frowning:

I’m not sure how this version checking is done, but my best guess is that it has a date string at the top of the schematic and/or PCB file.

A simple thing you can try is to replace this part of the file with the info you created with the KiCad version you have installed.

If the layout was created with v5.99 changing the date will not work at all.

If he doesn’t allow you to install a nightly version there are only two options:

  • Wait until v6 stable is released
  • Make the layout from scratch

thank you I will try

Not really, it’s generally fairly trivial to downgrade the file with a text editor.

From OPs first screenshot:

In the nightly, file extensions have changed to “kicad_pro” for the project and “kicad_sch” for the schematic. So the project is at least not made with a recent nightly.

It’s pretty obvious from his error message it was made with a June 2020 nightly

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