I cant get the pcb footprint updated


I am probably missing something but I chose the wrong footprints for my caps

no matter if I update my net file, updating the pcb does not change the cap’s footprints

any idea what I do wrong ? I tried all the netlist options, the caps wont get update


ok for some reason I have re-select the net file (although it’s the same) by clicking on browse

dont know why

Working with netlist files is deprecated.
The functionality is mainly kept for interfacing with scripts and “unusual” work flows.
The normal (& recommended) way is to use:
Eeschema / Tools / Update PCB from Schematic [F8] or the icon in the top toolbar.

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where do I find this ?

I update the pcb, yet same thing, footprins are not updated

oh yes it works

I always have trouble with dimensions and res selections

my bad


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