I can't find the scripts to generate library Symbols

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I was told in another discussion* that there are scripts for generating symbols. I can’t find them. At this gitlab link I see the Kicad Footprint Generator and the Kicad Packages 3D generator, but not the Kicad Symbol Generator:

I am only aware of symbol scripts in the library utils repo. I am not sure if there are some for the new file format.

Maybe they meant unofficial ones ?

I know there is a project with a (python?) script to generate schematic symbols from spreadsheet data. It may be noted in "kicad-3rd-party-tools. The Idea for that project is to extract pin data as text from a .pdf file and paste it in a spreadsheet, then clean it up in the spreadsheet to add meta data such left or right and the type of pins, and then run the script.

I have written a script myself to make a library with or so schematic symbols for connectors with different numbers of pins. It took me about an afternoon with very little prior Python knowledge.

I found the description of the schematic library format in:

There are actually quite a few different generators out there. One link is already in this thread.
The ‘official’ one is here: https://gitlab.com/kicad/libraries/kicad-library-utils It is rather basic since it has just been ported to the v6 format.
The v5 generators are https://gitlab.com/kicad/libraries/kicad-library-utils/-/tree/v5/schlib/autogen

Another one that I know of is here: https://github.com/bobc/kicad-symgen/
And then there is kipart: https://github.com/xesscorp/KiPart


add this to the list:

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