I cant find relay_2rt anywhere

i am looking for a relay called relay_2rt and it is not in the relay or relay_solidstate library

If you search you will find this image which looks like an older schematic library. Try to find a DPDT relay in your installed libraries.

What is your intention with this “relay_2rt”?
A simple search shows it’s mentioned in:

Even though the URL suggests V5.1, that document has (unfortunately) not seen much love in the last three years and most of it probably still relates to KiCad V4

i was looking for relay options to use and read that relay_2rt is a good option. but i cant find it in the kicad library

There are some 100+ relays in KiCad’s libraries. From small signal relays to medium power relays that can switch multiple kW.

I suggest you pick a relay that fits your purpose, and you can also actually buy for a reasonable price.

What is your purpose? Small signal, or power?
How many contacts do you need?
Is it mains voltage related?

I have a strong dislike for the “Songle” relays from China. These are capable to switch 230Vac according to what’s printed on them, but internal clearances under the blue plastic is abominable. I do like the Chinese (clones of?) the Omron G2 These have very decent internal clearances, you can see through the transparent plastic, so you can also inspect contact wear (a bit).

i want to use it for power. i am trying to model a small version of an electricity meter

Try the SCHRACK RT2 series. It has a common pcb footprint and is available in many coil voltages & contact formats.

Duh, silly me…
The search bar for adding components in Eeschema has regular expression like syntax. You do not have to search for whole words, but can also search for sub strings. For example, just typing “rt rel” finds all relay’s which also has the two letter combination “rt” in the name or description:

thanks a lot…

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