I can't download version 6.0.10

Hello dear fellow KiCAD users,

This is my first topic on this forum. I can’t download version 6.0.10. The website shows a news item that version 6.0.10 is out now! I was glad to see this and immediately went to the download section.

But I do not see the download of version 6.0.10.
Who know more about this? Thanks for your help!

Kindest regards,
Vincent Pothuizen.

It hasn’t been announced here so maybe it isn’t ‘in the pipe’ yet?

It has been announced, see here:

Btw, thank you for your reply! Do you also LOVE KiCAD? I am an electronics teacher and engineer. I really love to work with KiCAD. All my students love it too!!
Kind regards,
Vincent Pothuizen.

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If you can’t just wait, it’s available in KiCad Downloads as a version with string 38e09 etc. (Until newer daily testing versions push it off the list.)

I am just downloading Windows 6.0.10… Done.

The correct builds are available since yesterday, no need to use a testing build.

All the links here are valid:

I also got V6.0.10 by just running my normal maintenance update. It’s one of the advantages of using Linux. In Linux you don’t install programs, you tell your OS which programs you want to install and where to find them, and it takes cares of the rest. (But I have chosen do have to start the update process manually).

After the first post I made I went to the download page and source was still 6.0.9. Sometimes caching comes into play. Who knows? I little later I got the correct file and compiled.

Unless you don’t want to redownload 1G of the same 3d models as the last release. I wish stable lite builds were also provided, like testing.


Interesting, pretty sure you use Windows?
I wonder why Windows upgrades differ from Linux?

I use Linux Mint. Today I opened my update manager and found eight separate Kicad upgrades, usually there are just the four Nightlies.
6.0.10, 6.0.10 footprints, 6.0.10 symbols, 6.0.10 3D
6.99, 6.99 footprints, 6.99 symbols, 6.99 3D.

I can pick and choose what I wish to download from all eight.

Because windows doesn’t have centralized package management system. KiCad traditionally shipped one big installer with program, libraries, models, demos, docs all packaged in one big .exe file. In linux it’s easy to package everything separately and your package manager will take care of updating them separately as needed.

On Windows I at some point contributed to make lite installers that have the program only + optionally download the libraries. Those lite installers (about 140mb vs 1.1GB of full installer) are available for nightly and testing builds but not for stable, thats what my comment was about.

I realized that. I was just a bit surprised (being ignorant of Windows) that Windows users had to accept the 3D packages.

My 3D libraries are woefully out dated, I have rarely used them, so don’t bother upgrading them. Will probably update them when 7.0 arrives.

The policy also varies by Linux distro. Some distros make the library packages recommended. Some make them required but the criterion is not strict, the main kicad package may be satisfied by any library package that is in the 6.0 series, so one can opt not to use the latest library package. Since I have unlimited download limit, I just let the package manager update everything.

We have unlimited, at garbage download.
ADSL2, drops out at least five times a day, max. speed 450 kb/s… absolute rubbish. The provider should be paying us to use the unservice.

Each 3D library takes about 20 min. IF the line doesn’t drop out.

Ahhh, the joys of privatizing Public Utilities. :frowning_face:

Moved to PM as it’s not of interest to non-AU readers.

I’ve never figured out how to provide the lite stable builds without the can of worms of new users installing the wrong thing and complaining libraries are gone. That happened before with the testing builds even and makes a horrible first experience.

Technically there is, winget is now installed by default on Windows 10 and 11 as of 22H2.

Then maybe don’t link them on the kicad.org windows downloads page but upload them to cern servers anyway? Savvy users will figure out how to get to them.

winget is a glorified .exe downloader, it’s as far from a package manager as linux is from having “a year of linux desktop” lol.

It works better once we migrate to msi packages thats on my todo list. msi is the equivalent to a linux deb or rpm minus the automatic dependency install part. winget becomes the higher level manager and downloader

It’s kinda like saying fried cheese is like pizza, just minus the dough part. Dependency management is what makes a package manager. But we digress.

Can the stable lite builds be uploaded somewhere in the meantime? In the past I would just get the next day’s testing build but I’m not sure there will be one anymore since 6.0.10 is supposed to be the last one in 6.0 series.