I can't connect a microphone to a resistor

Hi, I want to connect a microphone to a resistor, but they don’t want. First time when I try connect them, the footprint of the microphone it was download, after I create my self and it won’t work.
I have to mention that I’m a beginner and I still learn how to create a footprint and a pcb.
Here are the picture when I try to connect them: https://imgur.com/a/6Da2BhD
I wish you a nice day!

Looks like they aren’t connected in the schematics properly. If they are, update the PCB from schematics.

I’ve been updated the PCB after the schematic (in the schematic the I’ve selected the footprint I create) and it doesn’t work.

Why does your microphone not have a proper reference then? It shouldn’t display MK** in the PCB editor if you’ve created and annotated the schematics correctly and then updated the PCB from schematics. Correct would be something like MK1 or MK47 or whatever.

You don’t show the schematic in your screenshots. It is possible that the two components are not actually connected in the schematic - make sure there are no little boxes at the ends of any connections. Did you make any of the symbols yourself and have you altered the schematic scale - should be 50mil. Pins “off grid” are a very common reason for connectivity problems. Post a picture of the schematic too.


You have been ‘leveled up’ so you can attach here.

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