I can not load the library

i can not be able to load the symbol library ! Every time i try to enter a symbol to editor it appears C:\program files\kicad\share\kicad\library\4xxx.lib can not found… what is wrong ? i have three times reload the kicad programme but nothing!

It happens to me as well dude. I don’t know how this happened!

Which KiCad version? Has this worked before and stopped working? Did you install KiCad for the first time and it didn’t work, have you had another version previously?

Have you used KiCad before? Did you have previous versions of KiCad installed?

The most common errors are not installing the default libraries at all (Check if the files are there) and troubles with the global configuration settings.

When KiCad is first started, it asks you some question about libraries. I think that if you anwer with “Yes” or “OK”, it then generates the sym-lib-table that links to the default libraries. I’m not sure about the details.

Apparently some people have success with deleting the whole configuration directory. If you start KiCad after that, it thinks it’s started for the first time and asks you to re-create it.

i have 5.1.8 verson i am new user and i found my solution through a software engineer who change the route of symbol library ! The question is why should i do that ? why the programme did not be able to find the correct route for the library that it loaded ?

Looks like you had version 4 installed before and still had the config.

but i have downloaded 5.1.8 64 bit from the official site !

But if you had v4 installed before the configuration is kept and v5 tries to find v4 libraries.

Next time you ask a question please tell immediately your KiCad version, and when others ask for more information give it immediately. That way everyone saves time and effort. You didn’t answer the questions which may have helped us to help you more quickly.

Thank you for your response , i have loaded the programme for the first time so there is not any other version then 5

This path has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is most probably an old v4 config.
Did you get some kind of library setup wizard when you started v5 the first time?

When you install KiCad in the normal recommended way, in the Windows through the official installer, you should get the libraries installed. When you use KiCad for the first time it asks which library table it should use. It then installs that library table to your personal configuration folder. The library paths are also saved to your configuration.

It’s possible to loose the actual libraries but still have the library tables (i.e. the personal configuration) if you have first installed and used KiCad, then uninstalled it and re-installed but while re-installing didn’t install the libraries. In that case KiCad knows the library names and tries to find the libraries but doesn’t find the actual library files.

You can try re-installing and check that the library checkboxes are checked in the installer. Before that you can also clean up your configuration, see Where are the configuration files (settings, library tables)?.

C:\program files\kicad\share\kicad\library\4xxx.lib is one of the libriaries for the 4xxx series CMOS chips, and it’s installed by current 5.1.x kicads (at least on my machine).
It does not mean it’s Kicad 4.x

@vikiath please let us know step-by-step what you’re doing.
Which icons you click in which window.

i down loaded the programme through the official site for windows 10 64 bit ect … three times! two times i delete the programme and i reloaded three ! and when i try to import a symbol to the editor i have this problem !! it seems as something is not ok or what?