I can not find the module I want

Hello I work on PCB from KiCAD and I can not findt the modules I want.
Like ; NEO7M GPS sensor, MPU-9250 gyroscope and there is some SD card modules but I don’t know which one I should choose

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Firstly you have not stated what you want either ‘schematic symbols’ or ‘footprints’ also it’s a good idea to explain what OS you use and also the details of the version of Kicad your using, found in the Help menu.
In general if the things you need are not in the ‘Kicad regular libraries’ these are the ones that come with Kicad during it’s installation then you can try the manufacturers themselves or 3rd party suppliers like ‘Snap Easy Eda’ that is one of many.
However ‘symbols’ are easy to make in Kicad and you are encouraged to do so, also ‘footprints’ although a bit more time consuming are easy enough with a bit of practice. Regarding the choice of modules for your use case is out of the scope for this forum and sites like ‘The EEvBlog’ are better equipped to help.

Hi @emine_Unal

It is probably quicker and easier to make your own symbols and footprints.

The symbols are just a rectangle with a bunch of named pins attached.

The footprints for both seem to be a single row of pads spaced 1/10 inch (2.54 mm) between centres.

How Can I download libraries from internet?
I tried to use Fusion and Eagle but I had the same issue and it’s hard for me to deal with it .

Look for your part on Mouser and DigiKey - they often have 3Dmodels for parts.

At 22 seconds into this Video, I show how to make a Footprint.

Does not show how to make a Symbol for schematic (that’s too easy so, video not needed. Plenty of info posted on making Symbols so, some Homework and playing around is all you need for symbol).

The first part of Video shows making a STEP model (in FreeCAD) of Jumper-wire to use in the Footprint but, you can use many programs to make a STEP file for the 3D-representaion of your part. You can ignore the first 22 seconds as the most important thing you need is the Footprint, the 3D-model is just for pretty pictures…)

Also, if you succed at making the Footprint, you can follow up to include the Text (draw text/etc it on Front Courtyard and Front Silk as desired).
Once done, in Kicad, you can Export a STEP then, use it in the Footprint for pretty picture…

As reference, below shows my MPU6050 Accelerometer/Gyro having Text in Silk layer, not in Courtyard… You can simply Copy your Text and Paste it into desired Layer…

Play around and learn…

(Click the COG and slow down the video if needed)

For reference - MPU6050

I must admit I am a little confused so please bare with me

You have both of these packages installed on you PC and your having issues with them.

Do you not have an internet connection or do you not know how to download from the internet please ? and by “Hard for me to deal with” what exactly do you mean ?

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I tried to download as online from internet but BMP280 or MPU 9250 wasn’t at library. and now I’m working from Fusion 360 now but it’s not easy.
“hard for me to deal with” I meant I don’t want to bother by making package and schematic stuff.
and I didn’t download any library for fusion ,kicad or eagle.

Well if nobody else has made the Symbol and Footprint and you don’t want to either then you are a little bit stuck . . .


As you are now working with Fusion 360, there is little point in keeping this thread open.
It is best you visit the Fusion 360 forum.

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