I am confused about 5.1 libraries in MacOS

I tried KiCad 4 on my Macintosh running High Sierra but didn’t do much because Eagle was okay for me. Now I’ve decided to focus on KiCad 5 and spend time learning to use it.

The problem I have right now is the directory setup. I have produced circuit diagrams and PCBs - I just got the first one back from the makers - but I have been trying to set up the 3D views and failed!

Some of my libraries seem to be located in old Eagle directories, some are in KiCad backup directories, but none of them are where the user manual says they should be. I haven’t deliberately placed directories or libraries anywhere in particular, but it’s all ove the place now.

I would like to, in effect, start again and create a directory structure that makes sense. I’m happy to delete everything and do a fresh install, but there are two issues. First I have designs that I need to keep, second, I don’t find the help pages very helpful since I don’t use a Windows computer.

What have I missed?

Thanks, Richard

Thanks, I have read that file several times over the past month or two.
I remain confused.

which step confuses you?

Particularly this part is explained in great detail in it.
I give an example on how you can organize your lib using pictures of an example directory structure. You will need to make this structure for yourself. KiCad will not help you here.

Well kicad does not come with eagle libs so this shows you have a personal setup. KiCad is not responsible for making a clean organization of your own assets. Nor can it include locations of your personal files in its documentation.

The directories mentioned in the documentation are where you should find the official libary assets. These are optional in the installation process (I have no expirience with MAC so i have no idea how this works there. In windows you get a graphical installer with tick boxes to select what to install. In linux you have different packages for the program and libraries meaning the user needs to actively select the installation of libraries.)

The main message to remember about kicads library system is: KiCad does not care where you have your libs as long as you tell kicad where to find them. It is the user (so you) who cares about having a nicely organized library system such that they can maintain it in the long run. This is the only reason why it makes sense to nicely organize it.

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