HSOP-28 footprints?


I would like to know if there’s any HSOP-28 footprints out there before having to define my own (big GND pads in the middle of the package):


Searches on github, google and grepping my favourite uber-footprint collection have been unfruitful so far:

And no trace on Housings* on the official KiCad .pretty’s either :_/

Are they known by another name? Did I miss them by accident? Any contrib repos you know where they might be?

Hi @brainstorm, In IPC-7351B terms it would be something like SOP80P990X220-28. It is quite specialised, so you’ll probably end up making it yourself.

Use the “New footprint using footprint wizard” (in the footprint editor) , template SOIC. Set number of pins to 42 and delete the middle 7 pins on the middle of each side (and renumber the remaining pins to match the device), then you will have to manually add the GND pad.


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Of course, in the wizard you need to set the pitch to 0.8 mm and the correct pad settings…

Yeah, thanks for your suggestions Steev! Here it is, custom made:

HSOP-28.kicad_mod (2.9 KB)

Hi @brainstorm, No problem. I would advise that you change the silkscreen outline to the F.Fab layer or modify it as it is crossing pad #1 (cutting the corner).

Also, i think you should change the heatsink pin numbers to something else, like #29 (they can be the same pin number), otherwise you will have a conflict (the heatsink pins will connect to a different net (GND) compared with the small pin #1 and pin #2).

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Yeah, true on both suggestions, I found myself changing it while I was fiddling with the PCB layout, here it is if someone else needs it in the future:

HSOP-28.kicad_mod (2.9 KB)

Thanks again!

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