HowTo delete an account

How can I delete my account ?

@ChrisGammell would be the only one I know that could do that. I’m not sure what the policy is here. Some places don’t delete because that would affect postings and answers to postings.

Step one is deleting all of your posts. Then you should be able to go to your profile page and a “delete my account” button will appear. The “admin” view of this function is the same for the users, so please let me know if you’re having any issues.

All data on this site is eligible for deletion, as a matter of policy. However, with GDPR recently enacted, I though I should reiterate that here.


@ChrisGammell Will quoted text by others also be deleted if a users posts/account are deleted?

Not sure about that one. I don’t believe so, but I’m guessing the link that happens will be removed or be broken

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seems I dont have permission to delete all of my posts. So I simply have to “sign off forever”.
Thanks and Good Bye to All !

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