HowTo BGA breakout (diff net class setting for diff parts of track)?


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Some websides try to persuade you to by with them if you come back later.
(Some travel sites make everything more expensive if you come back later because they know there is a high chance you have already decided to buy from them. Amazon does something similar.)

It could also be that their prices depend on their current workload or on some other factors. (Cheaper prices if they have not enough orders, …)


Well there is already support for custom trace width for part of the track, it seems logical to add ability to specify custom clearance along with custom width.


Like I said, I don’t need luck with them, I’ve made several orders there already and have absolutely no complaints about their services (quality and manufacturing time were as promised or better). But of course you’re free to choose whatever you feel like.


Their small quantity prices seem to be reliable but their volume prices are all over the map. Like I posted last night, the site was quoting $13 for 500 2 layer boards 100mm x 100mm. So unbelievable that I refreshed my browser and tried again, same price. Tonight they’re quoting $500 for the same boards. Also last night, within the space of an hour the price for 5 four layer CI boards dropped from $108 to $81. And 100 of the same board was only $102. Tonight those prices are back to $108 and $246. Most of the other prices are 3x what they were last night.

I don’t know if it was just a quirk with the website but others (ie. pcbway) seem much more consistent. By the way, with pcbway there is less than $50 difference between 4 layer CI and 6 layer CI for 5 boards.


I dunnow - I never had anything like that. But maybe that’s cause I always ordered 5-10 boards.

Yea, but 4 layer CI board costs already $200 compared to $100 at allpcb :smiley:


Hi there,

Just chimming in to mention Pricing is a bit higher, but the boards are made in the USA and are lead-free. You can even send your .kicad_pcb file directly. Once you upload the file, there is an online tool to view the different layers of the fabricated board such as in a Gerber viewer.



A little cheaper pcb prototyping choice: it’s $4.9 for 10 two layer boards from Seeed Studio.


one problem with oshpark is that their minimum DRC specs can kill most BGA breakout applications. I had to change manufacturers before I even uploaded my board :slight_smile:


For me what really killed it is insanely long turnaround time. Last time I’ve ordered anything there it took over a month to arrive. While Chinese shops I mentioned above manage to get it delivered in 7-10 days. Granted, I live in Canada so this might be a part of it, but still. I’m not willing to wait for a month because by that time I will forget what it is I was actually intending to make. So even though Oshpark is really the cheapest option as far as price is concerned for really small breakout boards, the turnaround time is so horrible that it makes me willing to spend more money just to get them faster.