How to write 'NOT A' . A with a bar over it, in a label?

Hi all,
I need to label logic outputs with a bar over them.
Like when the line is active low.
I cannot find the control code for this.
Thank you.
Francesco C

Simply put ~ in front

adding extra words to pass the post minimum


Thanks mate.
Francesco C

The Tilde character.
If you actually want to display the character on the PCB use two of them


Ahh…I am accustomed to using the / character to invert a signal. I could not remember whether it was leading or trailing. (I now think trailing.) This nomenclature was used by one or more semiconductor manufacturers in datasheets. But in my present schematic in 5.99 I see that Find does not work as expected when “/” is included anywhere in a net name. I finally got around to trying the leading tilde. That displays with a line over the text

which is what you would normally do if you were writing the netname with pen and paper. So “~netname” it is!

You can also terminate with a ~ as well. Only found that out after using Kicad for over a year :slight_smile:

So ~R~/W will only put the line above the R


I was just about to try that myself!

Same here, using KiCAD for a while, I did not know that you could stop it until this thread :grimacing: