How to use the footprints present locally, instead of Cvpcb making rounds to Github every time [Help with fp-lib-table]

1 way is to change footprint family env variable and plugin type for each footprint family.
2nd way is to replace the env variable in fp-lib-table from KIGITHUB to KISYSMOD and Plugin type from Github to KiCad for all families.

2nd is an optimum method, only problem is when kicad is installed on a fresh system, the fp-lib-table does not appear under /home/.config/kicad/ until unless kicad and its sub-apps aren’t launched.

I want to package kicad 4.0.7 such that the fp-lib-table with updated Env variables and Plugin type is loaded to KISYSMOD and KiCad by default, even before the user launches Kicad at all. What is the directory where fp-lib-table is stored before gets loaded in or is it auto-generated and cannot be swapped at all before KiCad isnt launched on a Fresh system?

For v4:
simply point to a local version of your libs. This is best done manually with the library manager: How can i install a specific version of the footprint library?

For update from v4 to v5 (v5 completely fresh comes with local libs anyways.):

Thanks Rene, could you please tell me whether the fp-lib-table file is autogenerated or stored somewhere BEFORE it is loaded in the /home/.config/kicad/ directory?

Using Cvpcb without internet, and especially without the user needed to make any changes is my concern.

The How can i install a specific version tutorial posted above gives you a step by step instruction on how to get a local lib setup. Simply follow it.

And again: a local setup would be the default for version 5. I am not interested to give you more help about an outdated version of kicad! (As i am no longer able to verify any information i give)

I had deleted my short instruction to 4.0.7 when switched to version 5.
As I remember after installing 4.0.7 (on Windows) there were few fp-lib-table files (don’t remember subdirectory, but you can use search for file). As I remember before first running KiCad I had to rename one of them replacing the default one to switch from libraries somewhere to locals.

I never tried to use CvPcb. I prefere to have exact footprint defined in symbol.

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