How to use footprint of Due shield

I hereby certify that I am not simply asking someone else to design a footprint for me.

I want to design a shield for Arduino Due.
My first trials were with KiCAD 6.0.7. But I had problems with the layout. In a former topic in this forum it was recommended to change to 7.0.9. Now I have version 7.0.9.
I have a footprint, Arduino_Due_Shield.kicad_mod, for a Due shield but no schematic. In the footprint editor it looks fine. It contains all pin rows along the border of the board and the outline of the board in layers silkscreen and courtyard.

From work with KiCAD 6.0.7 I have a cimplete schematic for my shield.
Now with version 7.0.9 I deleted the .kicad_pcb file I had problems with, and opened the project. Of course now there is no layout file in the project but the schematic is still available.
To start with the layout I called the layout editor giving me an empty page.
With the icon “add footprint” on the right edge of the layout window I selected Arduino_Due_Shield.kicad_mod. But only the pin rows are added.
There are no outlines of the shield which are visible in the footprint editor.

How can I get the complete shield with outlines as a basis for my final shield?

There is a further problem:
When I update the layout from the schematic everything from the Due shield is deleted.
For my shield I need the exact positions of the pin rows which now all are deleted.

I guess the arduino due footprint is the same as the “arduino mega shield” in the standard template that I pointed you to in this other thread:

In that template you get the full PCB outline, all placed connectors, and a schematic that already has the connectors too:

I do not know where you get that other Due thing from, but KiCad will just show whatever is in that project, schematic or footprint.

Matching between schematic symbols and footprints is also very straightforward in KiCad. You can map any footprint to any schematic symbol, and KiCad will dutifully map all pins in the schematic symbol to pads in the footprint with the same pin number. If you for example map a two pin resistor on the schematic to a DIP14 footprint, then just pins 1 and 2 will be used. You may get a warning for the other 12 pins, but that is it.

The Footprint Geometries of Due and Mega are the same but, there are significant differences between these boards - the application of them for a particular project is important, especially with respect to the usage of the Pin types and performance…

I have both of them and have tested/used them enough to suggest at least knowing the difference’s. If just blinking LED’s/etc, not a big deal… but…

Here’s a good comparison…

I do not know where you get that other Due thing from

I imported board and schematic for Due from the Arduino home page.

I made a new trial with the Mega2560 template and copied all new items from the old schematic to the new one. Updating the empty Mega board with all the copied items worked well - up to now and hopefully for ever :sweat_smile:

The Footprint Geometries of Due and Mega are the same but, there are significant differences between these boards

I’m aware of the differences. My decision for Due was based on higher speed and more RAM.
Of course the Due shield needs 3.3 V logic.

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