How to use CR in Element properties


I searched the forum but I only found something similar about Textboxes:

if I define a new property for a component it will always become a single line.
I tried to use Return, ALT_Return, CTRL_Return but it does nothing.

Is it possible to create multi line properties ? :thinking:

I think Properties are always single line, you have to use a free text item to have multiline. Is that an insurmountable restriction for you? Can you give an example where you would need it?

Oh, its nothing restricted. I can use a text item. I just wanted to have a connection between the Text and the component.

A trick I sometimes use is to write a few lines of text in a text editor, then copy it and paste it into the entry box of some other program.

This trick does not work if you edit a value field in the Symbol Properties window, ( When pasting a carriage return, it goes to the next field), but it does appear to work if you edit a single field directly on the schematic.

Note that this is is quite unusual to do and bugs may be lurking about. I have no idea what happens if you for example try to add this information to the BOM.

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:grin: nice trick, I will consider this.

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