How to use .bak to recover a schematic?

How do I use the .bak of a schematic? btw - I’ve tried searching for an explanation with no luck. Only found a brief definition of .bak file format. Changing the .bak to .sch didn’t work as it gave me an error when I tried to open it.


I think it should work as you described; so it appears that something else may be wrong or corrupted.

I’d open both files in a text editor and try to determine what is going on.

Can you post your file here?

@iabarry I’d suggest uploading both files; as your permissions allow.

I’ve likely botched it. Will just rebuild from a prior rev.
Thanks for the offers tho.

Nothing KiCad does should lead to a corrupt file. Only PC crashes or hand editing the file should cause this, which is why we are interested to see a sample

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