How to use ASP-134602-01 symbol with ASP-134604-01 footprint

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I’m a bit stuck with the ASP-134604-01 footprint included in the KiCad library: It’s the LPC (Low-Pin-Count) variant of the FMC connector, where ASP-134602-01 is the High-Pin-Count variant.

As there is no ASP-134604-01 symbol, I assume I should use the ASP-134602-01 symbol. These connectors are actually compatible and the main difference is that the LPC variant does not use all rows (A-K), but only (C, D, G, H). The symbol is modeled as multiple units, where each unit is represents one row.

Now here’s my problem: If I use all units and simply mark the non-used row pins as not-connected, Pcbnew complains about missing pins in the footprint when importing. I tried only instantiating the (C, D, G, H) units, but whenever a run symbol annotation, those are changed to A,B,C,D…

What seems to somehow work was instantiating all units, running annotation, then deleting the unneeded ones. But now I get pin-mismatches, as the footprint uses “D01”, but the symbol uses “D1”. Does anyone know how this is supposed to work? Or is this a library issue and the ASP-134604-01 symbol is just missing?

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I had a bit of a look into this and come to the same conclusion.
There is only one schematic symbol for the connector:

And this is divided into 10 Units. One for each column.

For the footprint, the version with only 4 columns has different prin numbers from the version with 10 columns:

The version with only four columns has an extra zero between the letter and the number in the pin names (for rows 1 through 9).

To fix it you either have to modify the schematic symbol or the PCB footprint to make the pin names match each other.

I see, thanks for the detailed answer. So I’ll fix the footprint and probably submit the fix to the KiCAD library.

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