How to use 0 ohm smd resistor in place of via easily?

Sometimes we use 0 ohm smd resistor to jump over a line, in place of via. But if we do so, we need to add this 0 ohm resistor to schematic, or, we need to add a footprint separately. But if we add a footprint separately, we have issues with the connection.

Is there any way to use a 0 ohm resistor like a via with the same easy usage of via?


There is another nice trick connecting grounds.
Use a closed jumper. This is only a footprint and you can give it any shape.

I think you have no other option, since you are breaking the net and it will result on two different nets.
You are using it because you have only 1 layer copper? Or to save nr of vias?

We prefer using 0 ohms because sometimes we may use one-layer-copper if we do so, or save number of vias since we make them manually (with cables).

I’ll try using a closed jumper trick. Thank you.