How to update reference text size in schematic?

Close to finishing my first serious KiCad schematic I decided that I would like to have all references not 50mils bold but 45mils bold.
I noticed that when I change something in symbol definition I don’t have to do anything to update schematic (in Protel I had to click ‘Update schematic’ button to update that symbol in all opened schematics).
But when I have changed the reference text size in my R definition (all resistors are aliases of it) that change didn’t propagated to schematic. So where is “Update schematic” button in KiCad?

Edit > Update fields from library ?

The power of habit - I was looking in symbol editor how to export settings and not in schematic for import :slight_smile:

Unfortunatelly it looks I can’t update text sizes without loosing all my annotations.
Reannotating all will give me a kind of mess. If it would be possible to annotate only selected block I would be able to get back to my order in annotations but I don’t see such possibility.

I got suddenly the terrify idea - I don’t know how to open few schematics (projects) in KiCad (I thought about copying schematic part by part to annotate part by part).
My typical practice when starting new design is to collect fragments from several other designs. Then delete annotation in copied block and annotate.
I assumed it have to be possible to have several schematics opened at once but when I try to open another project KiCad closes the current one. And also in schematic editor I don’t have the File|Open function to look into another schematic (to find and copy needed fragments).
How to go around it?
It is a kind of ‘must-have’ for me.
I also copy parts of PCBs so to have two PCBs opened also would be good.

run two instances of kicad.

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Thanks. I see I have to forget all my habits to use KiCad :slight_smile:
I’m used to that like in LibreOffice haveing one file opened I just can open the next one by File|Open…

This is not really viable for complex data formats like a kicad project. Main reason is that it is not a single file but a collection of many different files including libraries. (And every project can have different libraries setup)

Could it be done such that it looks to the user as if they have multiple projects open in the same instants? Probably yes. The question is: Is the benefit worth the amount of time required to build this in a robust way? Right now i would say no as i see many other features that have a higher impact. Especially as copy paste between instances will be in v6. (If i remember this correctly. Don’t sue me if i confused this with another feature.)

If it really don’t works now then I hope that in one instance opening one project then copy a part and then opening the next one and paste works. I will check when I will have more then one project.

The only way to get stuff from project to project right now is via the append feature that is only available in eeschema standalone mode.

or file system copy paste of subsheets.

Till now I were not looking for eeschema itself. I found it in KiCad\bin and run it.
It could be in KiCad main application that right-click at Schematic icon could allow for “Run standalone” but it is not there :slight_smile:

See the comments in Sequential copypaste inside one eeshcema instance with different projects have worked (according to Wayne). Copypaste between eeschema windows will work in 6.0 and works now in nightly builds.

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