How to un-route a whole track, not just a segment?

Hi, I’m new to KiCad but have used Eagle in the past. If I have routed a line in the ratsnest which now has multiple segments, is there a way to rip up the whole net? I can used Delete to remove one segment, but suppose I want to un-route the whole track and start it over, is there a way to do that? Using Pcbnew version (5.1.9)-1, release build.

  1. Hover over a track segment.
  2. Press u or i shortcut keys.
  3. Press [Del] key.

u selects up to the first pad, via or T-junction.
i selects all connected copper.

There are also some global functions such as:
Pcbnew / Edit / Global Deletions
Pcbnew / Edit / Cleanup Tracks and Vias

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Thanks very much Paul! I’m learning… much easier learning curve than Altium, and easier than Eagle also. I feel guilty asking such simple questions but I haven’t been able to find the answers in the docs. It looks like the docs for KiCad are 5 years old and a lot has changed since then. Is there a later version?
Thanks again,

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Hi Islonim,

We have two options here:

First: You can use the ‘shift’ option to select all the segments separately, followed by ‘delete.’ But that will be a manual task.

Second: Go to the ‘Preferences’>> ‘Hot keys’ and check for the shortcut key assigned for ‘Select single track.’ Now select a particular segment of the net you want to delete and press the assigned shortcut key. It will select the entire net that you can delete easily. In my system, the shortcut key is ‘ctrl+U.’ Some of these shortcut keys are user-defined, and some are default keys.

It helped me a lot when I copied the hotkey list to the spreadsheet and then divided them into smaller groups according to which phase of PCB design (placement, routing, differential pairs etc, adding zones) they are used in.
I printed a cheat sheet to always have it at hand.

Amit_Bahl and Piotr, thanks for the guidance. I learned about U and I to select parts of tracks. I also learned about swipe left and swipe right for different types of selection. I’ll make a hotkey cheat sheet. I still have the Eagle key cheat sheet tacked up to my wall.

I appreciate the help.

The documentation seems pretty out of date, I’m assuming it won’t be updated till 6.00 comes out.

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