How to totally remove KiCad from Linux?

I tried:
sudo apt purge --auto-remove

But when I reinstall I don’t get the setup manager, it just takes me back to the last project I was in and still has all my plugins, themes, libs?

How do I nuke it all so I can do a fresh install?

You don’t need to reinstall, you just need to nuke or move aside your personal configuration at ~/.config/kicad/7.0

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Thank you so much, that really helped stop me from pulling my hair out!

I suggest you do not delete that configuration directory, but instead rename it, this has a few advantages:

  1. This effectively hides it from KiCad, so for KiCad it’s the same as deleting.
  2. You automatically have a backup.
  3. You can use a text comparison program such as Meld Merge to check for differences in the configuration.
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Just to explain, apt purge removes files installed at the system level. KiCad however creates user specific configuration at first run by each user.

It would be nice of there were a CLI option to do a first run instead of this FAQ, maybe something like

kicad --i-really-want-a-fresh-configuration

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Thank you for taking the time to explain that to me. Sincerely appreciated!

You mean this FAQ of course: Where are the configuration files (settings, library tables)? :grinning:

Yes all these FAQs :stuck_out_tongue: Or should that be FPQs?

FAQs are like post-it notes on the side of computers. If everything were obvious there would be no need of them. But then the ideal world is fictional.

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