How to switch measuring scale on/ff in schematic enrty?

Hi everyone,

Somehow, inadvertantly I have managed to switch “off” or hide the measuring scale at the bottom of the schematic entry page.
I have been through all items of drop-down menues in Eeschema but can’t seem to find where and how I can switch the measuring scale “on” again.

I am using:
KiCad version (5.1.3) -3 relase build wxWidgets 3.0.4 Unicode and boost 1.71.0
Platform: Windows 9 (Build 9200), 64-bit edition, 64-bit

Could someone help, please?
Thanks and best regards

Make sure eeschema is maximized (maybe the status line is outside the visible area of your screen). Try closing and opening eeschema (maybe something hanged itself).

Additionally: you might want to consider updating to 5.1.5

Hi Rene_Poschl
Thanks for your very fast response indeed.
I checked, but Eeschema was and is already at its maximum. Exiting and restarting KiCad also didn’t make any difference.

I seem to have buggered up something very throughly.

Now, if I really have to reinstall KiCad to restore the default settings, I would gladly follow your advice and go for version 5.1.5.

Thanks again and best regards

I think (not sure) that when I delete (Windows) the directory C:\Users\Piotr\AppData\Roaming\kicad then all settings are reset to default settings.

HI Piotr,
Thanks for your suggestion.
Meanwhile, I have installed KiCad Version 5.1.5 so, as such (as of now atleast) I have my measuring scale back again and a new version update as well. Thanks to Rene_Poschl.

But I will keep your tip somewhere handy - just in case the next problem demands restoration to default settings.
Thanks and best regards

If new version installation without deleting those directory helped than probably source of problem was not in configuration files there.
I had to run schematic to notice what you are speaking about. I would probably didn’t noticed if status line in schematic disappeared.

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