How to stick to version 6.x (i.e. not 6.99)


In the last weeks before the official release of version 6.0, I was using 5.99 with auto-update because
it was already stable enough for what I’m doing.
I’m working on Ubuntu, version 21.10.
Now it got updated, but I got directly version 6.99. And I think I should stick to version 6.0 for a while
because it’s not likely to be stable enough for real work.
So the question is : how do I do that? I have disabled the nightly builds in “software and updates”.
NB: I checked this page : Install on Ubuntu | KiCad EDA and followed the rules for
terminal installation.
By the way: the other explanations say:

  1. Open the Software Manager
    The only application remaining after typing “Software Manager” in the “activities” is the software
    updater. But it just says that my software is up to date.

Any hint welcome.


6.99 replaced 5.99 (one nightly replaced another)

6.0.0 replaced 5.1.12 (One stable replacing another)

6.0.0 installs alongside 6.99 just as 5.1.12 installed alongside 5.99

All you have to do is install 6.0.0. It will sit alongside 6.99.

The easiest way to install is use your terminal. The instructions are just under the “software manager” instructions.
Copy and paste the first three lines (the whole of each line) one at a time into your terminal, clicking enter after each line.

sudo add-apt-repository --yes ppa:kicad/kicad-6.0-releases
sudo apt update
sudo apt install --install-recommends kicad

And if you want the Demos, copy the 4th line.

This doesn’t seem to be relevant for Ubuntu.


Thanks for your reply. I must be missing soimething. As mentioned above, I already ran
the 3 sudo commands from terminal and they terminated without any major issue. But if I
double-click one of my latest projects, it opens in 6.99. So how do I specifically run 6.0 and
not 6.99?


6.99 is not compatible with 6.0.0
If you have opened and saved in 6.99 you can’t go back to 6.0.0 so your project is opening in the only program it can…6.99.
You will have to find a 5.99 or 5.1.x back-up copy to open in 6.0.0

Or try opening 6.0.0 and then open the projects through the 6.0.0 file manager.


Again, there must be something I’m missing. Since 6.99 is very recent, I suppose
there are not many differences. I suppose the file format is the same, right?
Anywat I managed to open 6.0.0, and it opened my files.

6.0.0 can open recent 6.99 files, I just tried.

That’s what I just did with the files I alreday opened with 6.99. It works.


True and true.

You obviously haven’t tried out some of the new features added to 6.99 so your files open without problems… good.

I was just quoting the comments on the installation page:
These builds may be unstable, and projects edited with these may not be usable with the current stable release. Use at your own risk


Thanks for your reply!
Indeed, I haven’t used any of the new features. I opened my last project, noticed it was 6.99.
But anyway everything works now. In 6.99, all my libs were also gone, and they are restored
in 6.0 which is also good news.

As for using at my own risk, it’s precisely why I wanted to use 6.0 and not 6.99.

Since 6.99 is very recent, I suppose there are not many differences. I suppose the file format is the same, right?

Careful, there have already been changes to the 6.99 file format that make it incompatible with 6.0.

There were a number of changes stacked up for v7 that were waiting to be merged until v6 was released, plus there’s the usual fast pace of development :slight_smile:

For the changes, see:

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