How to split a net (or connect 2 nets)


I have 2 nets that have to be connected together but that need to be handled in different ways in layout
(Power ground and signal ground)

For the moment, I found it was possible to have two distincts nets and connect them together with a SolderJumper_2_Bridged. but it is not really satisfying.

Is there a clean way to do this ?

Use a net tie. For now you need to use a the workaround of a symbol/footprint pairing.

Or depending on your application don’t connect the planes directly but via a ferrite bead.

However: Make sure that you really benefit from separate grounds in your system. Splitting ground planes does not automatically improve the system behaviour. If done wrong then it might achieve the exact opposite. For example if a trace crosses the gab between the two planes then you have created a wonderful slot antenna. (you will need to offer a low impedance ground path in parallel to that trace.)

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