How to specify clearance for Edge Cuts (Kicad V6 nightly)

How can i specify the clearance to Edge Cuts in PCBnew using the new DRC in Version 6?


It’s not there yet, but it will be specified in a similar way to other clearances:

(rule edge_clearance (min "0.5mm") (condition ... ) )


Can you tell also how local rules are defined (Jeff committed that three days ago)? That would answer @overthere’s original question in the other thread,

You give a name to a copper zone or keepout area, then you can test for objects that are within that zone or keepout by using its name in an expression. If you want to create a rule area that does not have any side-effects other than being used to define rules, you create a keepout but don’t set any of the keepout restrictions.

The expression would look something like:

 (condition "A.insideArea('zone_name'))

FYI - Until it’s implemented, consider using Margin lines as a visual indicator. Set them at proper distance from Edge-Cut.

Image below shows DRC errors when track is near or crossing edge_cut and no error if within Margin line.

The Margin has no effect on DRC - it’s simply a visual indicator offset from edge_cut by dist that won’t cause errors.

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